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Dr. James A. Zollweg


SUNY Brockport Earth Sciences

Welcome to my home page!

I have been associated with the Water Resources program at SUNY-Brockport since 1996.  I teach a variety of courses in this program, including Hydrology, Wetlands Systems, and Water Resource Issues.  You can find out more about my courses by having a look at the links under the navigation menu to the left.

I am the advisor for the Water Resources major, so you can contact me to find out about academic requirements, job prospects, or anything else about the major.  I also have an interest in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  This computer program is a valuable tool that can be applied to almost any field of study or profession. Send me a note down if you want to discuss how GIS might be of use to your studies or career.

I have an active research program.  Besides all the other rewards that come with "doing science," I am especially glad that I can involve undergraduates in my projects.  This is a really good opportunity to delve more deeply into areas of interest than the standard curriculum allows.  Some of the projects I work on are flood forecasting, determinants of ecological health of wetlands, and control of nonpoint source pollution.

I am very enthusiastic about Water Resources and the entire Earth Sciences program at Brockport.  I would be glad to answer any questions you might have!
  Dr. Zollweg


Current research is focusing on an assessment of Black Creek in Western NY. Detailed results to date are available in the Black Creek Watershed Study

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Water Resources Majors study these issues:

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